Adopt a Pet

Even if it means covering a lot of real estate, dogs find homes    

Adopt a PetBest Realty Broker Creates Adopt-A—Pet Program
A formerly homeless 2 year old in Elizabethtown has found a place to live in Baltimore.  A family adopted Gracie, an English Setter, after it found out about her plight through a program run by Deedie Layman, Broker of Best Realty. 

Layman runs ads featuring adoptable dogs’ pictures from the Hardin County Animal Shelter every Wednesday in the Real Estate section of The News-Enterprise.

Collis Albert, Gracie’s adopted parent learned about her through a friend who lives in Elizabethtown after Gracie was featured in the weekly ad.  Cindy Overall drove Gracie to West Virginia where another person picked her up to take her to Albert.

Deedie has been running the program since January 2003. Since then 5,816 dogs and cats have been adopted and 1,394 dogs and cats have been reunited with owners. She operates the program in memory of her daughter, Deborah Best, who died November 28, 2001, of breast cancer and was an avid dog lover.  This program was created to carry on her legacy and to help the animals.

The adoption fee is $15 for dogs and $5 for cats, which includes the first set of shots and a certificate for spaying or neutering.

Since the program's inception in 2003, over 5500 pets have been placed in homes.